The Sod Incident

A cousin of mine had asked me for some help to put some sod down. I agreed and soon after was immediately regretting the decision. I hadn’t realized how large his front yard was and he wanted to put sod down on the entire thing to help make his house look nicer. I was really hoping someone would call and beg for my help elsewhere as the heat was quickly building and only going to keep going. We had started around noon for some ungodly reason and took an hour break around 3:00 P.M. Never had I drank so much water in such short of a time. Apparently, he was hungry and decided to make himself a sandwich. This was a really bad decision for both him and our work day, however, as the knife he was using slipped and he sliced open his finger. Blood poured from his finger and he ran to get his first aid kit but not before he bled onto the carpet. He would be having to call the carpet cleaning company to get the blood to be removed. He wrapped it up and put some ointment on it to stop the bleeding before finishing up his quick lunch.

We were back at work after lunch and his bloody incident. Everything was going fine until around 6:00 when he started to feel uneasy. He took a quick break to get some water and went inside. A minute went by, then two, then three, and then I finally lost count. I went inside to check on him and found him passed out on the kitchen floor. It was at that point I called 911 and asked for an ambulance because I had no idea what was wrong. The ambulance came and I offered to ride with him but they mentioned something about immediate family only. I called his wife who was at work and told her he had collapsed and that I had to call an ambulance. She immediately left work and went to the hospital while I stayed to finish up our last little bit of work before heading there myself.

It took me another 30 minutes to finish up the rest of the sod work before I left for the hospital. When I got there, they had already run some tests on him and put an IV in his arm to get him fluids. His wife and I sat with his still unconscious body in his room as we waited for the test results to come back. By the time they came back, we had fallen asleep due to exhaustion. The doctors woke us up and told us what was wrong. The sod we had been putting down and the chemicals we had been spraying on it to make sure it would stay fresh longer in conjunction with his cut were what caused his collapse. The dirt and chemicals from the sod had entered his wound and had started a severe infection in his hand which was already spreading to his blood stream. The damage to his hand due to the chemicals was great and they were left with two options: immobilize his wrist and hand and place and place a pump to help his heart inside him or amputate his hand. His wife obviously opted for the immobilization option.

He stayed in the hospital for a couple more days as they wanted to make sure he would be alright. They implanted the pump and immobilized his arm. He would be stuck like that for a few months which was still infinitely better than having to amputate his hand and maybe his arm up to his elbow. Once he was finally able to move his arm again he opted to go to physical therapy to make sure he would properly relearn how to use it after being unable to use it for several months.

How Physical Therapy helped on an Old High School Injury

A couple years ago I was playing school yard football in high school with some friends of mine and suffered, what seemed like, a minor ankle injury. I had pivoted weirdly after planting my foot and something just popped. It hurt but I was used to some kind of ankle pain and didn’t really think of it until after when the adrenaline from playing had worn off and I could actually feel my ankle throbbing in pain. It didn’t go away for several days so I finally asked my mom to take me to the doctor. I went to my pediatrician to get it checked out and to make sure it wasn’t something serious that could affect me down the road. He said it was just a sprain and to keep off of it for a few days.

Being a teenager, I thought I was invincible and got right back to playing two days later. I had thought those two days were enough time for it to heal but I was wrong. A week later I had slipped due to the field being wet from the rain we had received the last couple of days and the same ankle popped but this time I could actually feel the pain radiating from it and it hurt bad. I was helped off the field and on to the sidelines. It looked like I had grown another ankle under my actual ankle. A large knot of muscle had formed right where I felt the pop and I knew this time it was serious and could be really damaging. Another doctor’s visit led to confirmation of my guess. It was a tier three sprain and according to the doctor it would have been better if I had just broken my ankle due to all the ligaments that had torn and the slight fractures in my ankle. I resolved to actually letting it heal this time before I tried to get back on a football field rather than just getting right back to it in a week.

I let it heal and kept it off the floor on crutches for a couple months before actually lacing up my cleats again and tried it. They, both my cleats and ankle, felt stiff from not being used in a couple months. I decided I would need some help getting it back to how it was and went to a physical therapy center. There the staff educated me in how I should exercise my ankle until it was back in shape and able to be used properly. They suggested I come in a couple times a week so that they could evaluate how healed it was. During one visit, they were actually remodeling the center and had someone to come in and replace their air conditioning unit. It had been malfunctioning and they needed a new system to make sure their patients and staff were comfortable in the building. I was only there for a few weeks but they definitely helped although I still feel pain in my ankle whenever I try to run.


Typically, Physical Therapists will evaluate, examine and treat people who have physical limitations or conditions ranging from back pain, hand injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, sports injuries, birth defects, and car accidents, just to name a few. Physical Therapy provides relief from these and other conditions limiting the person’s ability to live a normal pain free life.

Physical therapists help by improving the persons range of motion and mobility.  Physical therapy is a cost-effective way for people to relieve pain.  Physical therapy often reduced the persons need for prescription pain relief medication.

Most people seek out physical therapists with their doctor’s recommendation.  Doctors recommend physical therapy over medication because prescription pain medication is highly addictive. Most patients are looking for not only pain relief but improved range or motion and mobility, an alternative to invasive surgery and pain relief.

Physical therapists are evidence-based health care professionals who offer cost-effective treatment that helps improve motion and relieve pain. Highly educated, physical therapists graduating today must have a graduate degree – either a master’s or a clinical doctorate from an accredited physical therapy program before taking the national licensure examination that allows them to practice.

Improving Mobility and Motion:

Motion is essential to your patients’ quality of life. Whether it is an everyday task such as emptying the dishwasher, a sports activity like golf, or an essential activity such as performing their job, a physical therapist can help your patient experience improved mobility and function. Physical therapists also help prevent injuries and promote a healthy lifestyle by improving strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination.

Physical Therapy as an Option to Surgery:

When surgery is the best course of treatment for certain diagnoses, physical therapists can often speed recovery time. Physical Therapists usually have the person up and moving the day after surgery and sometimes even the same day. Studies show that the faster physical therapy starts after surgery the better the outcome for the patient.

Pain Management Without Long-Term Use of Pain Medication:

Patients control pain, with the help of a physical therapist instead of taking prescription drugs.  Prescription drugs are not only addictive but expensive.  People that receive Physical therapy often reduce the need for long-term use of medications. People that choose physical therapy often experience greater improvement in function with less pain

Here are 5 ways physical therapy may benefit you:

  1. Eliminate or Reduce Pain – Massage therapy and electrical stimulation can help to relieve pain and restore muscle and joint function.
  2. Mobility Improvement – If you’re having trouble moving, standing or walking, physical therapy can help. strengthening and stretching exercises help can help restore your ability to move.
  3. Stroke Recovery – Loss of function is common after a stroke. To help strengthen the weak parts of the body we recommend Physical Therapy.
  4.  Sports injury – Different sports can increase your risk for different types of injuries like stress fractures or muscle strains. Physical therapists can design a routine of prevention exercised for you to help you avoid injury.
  5. Improve your balance and prevent falls – Physical therapists, can screen you for fall risk. If it is determined that you are high risk, they will show you exercises that can reduce your risk of falling.


Knee Physical Therapy

The last year when I was a teenager, I was working for a company that played softball with other companies in the area. I felt infallible, nothing could stop me I was at the top of my game, still doing gymnastics, and pitcher of the softball team!! Woo-hoo was that fun. Little did I know, everything would change. We were playing our last game of the season for first place in our division, and things were going great. (FYI) We did win the championship but it was without me.. Unfortunately the first base was not tied down, and I hyper- extended my knee when hitting the ball and running past first base. Because the base was not tied down it slid out from under me and well that was that. I was totally bummed out, knew it was very serious as the ambulance came, but I knew had to keep my cool, and do the best I can with what I had. I knew it was going to be a long haul, and I actually made the very best of it. Back than they did not have the up to date surgery’s they have today, and had to wait 5 years until they would come out with a better way to perform the surgery. The cut they would have to make in my leg was unacceptable to a teenager having their whole life in front of them. I opted for some physical therapy with Hot and Cold Ice packs and at first, & had to wear a cast up to my thigh. They came out with fiberglass thank goodness, and it wasn’t to heavy to lug around. My real physical therapy wouldn’t come soon enough. But finally after a long 5 years, I was able to get the (ACL) reconstruction is surgery to reconstruct the ligament in the center of your knee, done from a very well respected doctor, that worked on the Yankees and Ranger players! Perfect. And he did do a perfect job. The Physical Therapy was so intense.
At first they had to get me a special bed for home so I could stay upstairs and had to get special accommodations because by this time, I was living by myself. A nurse would come in the morning to help get me out of bed and go to the Bathroom and help with breakfast. The rest of the day I was one my own except for 3 times a week a nurse would come and help me with some intense physical therapy time. Moving my leg. I also rented a CPM machine (Central Passive Motion) that you would put your leg in and it would move up and down and bend your leg. Than you would tweak it a little more so your leg would bend naturally with the gravitational pull. It was painful, so painful that I can still remember the color of the paint on the wall. But I took my time and pretty soon I was in range of a 90 degree angle! Hurray!! I made some great progress, and then once I got better I was able to go to the Physical Therapy center and the one thing I hated there was… ICE BATHS!!! Those things were horrible.
Physical Therapy is what got me and coached me to move along and anything that doesn’t go right, look for a better angle and time heals almost anything!!!

How it All Started

I thought I would never be the same again. My whole right side felt like I fell off a roof from a car Accident I was in. All I knew at the time was I was hurting all over.
The best thing I needed to do was get decompressed by some Physical Therapists that knew what to do for these kinds of situations. At first I had trepidation about going. But from all the information I could gather, anything had to be better than what I was feeling. I thought, oh sure, these people just want to get money for my accident. But as I went in the people did care, was very astute in listening to my needs and what type of injuries I had. I had to fill out some paperwork in the beginning, and always where it hurt, what the pain level was 1-10, and if it was worse at or better than the last time I had come in. Then they would call me in, and certain people would work on different parts of my body. My shoulder was usually first, and they would put this automatic machine on for my Neck, shoulder , back, and Lower back all the way to my hips this rolling machine would go back and forth north and south for 15 minutes. Loosening all my muscles that had frozen up, and were damaged by the force of the van that hit me. They would begin loosening all my body up. Twice a week after the 15 minute warm up, then it was time for a deep, but light tissue massage on all the parts of the body that were atrophied. They started with a warm sonogram on the back of the neck slowly moving the ultrasound device in a circular motion. It actually felt warm and comforting and relaxing. I could feel the tightness of my neck start to relax, with no worries, no pain, almost in a hypnotic state, where all was well. The shoulders and the top of the spine was done next again in a circular motion warm and comforting and could start to feel the tightness and pain released and relaxed. This was done throughout the rest of my injuries. then came the more intense massage to loosen up the bodies, tight spots that would not given. After the massage was completed, a full glass of water needed to be immediately taken so you can flush all the tight tissue-toxins out of your body.. The Last part they had me do was my need where I would lay down quietly for another 15 minutes with my knee raised with a cushion and some ice and tens unit with electrodes to break up the injury’s tightness and I had partial already arthritis in. I would come 3 times a week for 3 months, and it did help my injury’s subsiding. I would suggest anyone that had a bit of trauma go in and get this done as it did aid in healing and helping the body to adapt and get well a lot quicker.