How it All Started

I thought I would never be the same again. My whole right side felt like I fell off a roof from a car Accident I was in. All I knew at the time was I was hurting all over.
The best thing I needed to do was get decompressed by some Physical Therapists that knew what to do for these kinds of situations. At first I had trepidation about going. But from all the information I could gather, anything had to be better than what I was feeling. I thought, oh sure, these people just want to get money for my accident. But as I went in the people did care, was very astute in listening to my needs and what type of injuries I had. I had to fill out some paperwork in the beginning, and always where it hurt, what the pain level was 1-10, and if it was worse at or better than the last time I had come in. Then they would call me in, and certain people would work on different parts of my body. My shoulder was usually first, and they would put this automatic machine on for my Neck, shoulder , back, and Lower back all the way to my hips this rolling machine would go back and forth north and south for 15 minutes. Loosening all my muscles that had frozen up, and were damaged by the force of the van that hit me. They would begin loosening all my body up. Twice a week after the 15 minute warm up, then it was time for a deep, but light tissue massage on all the parts of the body that were atrophied. They started with a warm sonogram on the back of the neck slowly moving the ultrasound device in a circular motion. It actually felt warm and comforting and relaxing. I could feel the tightness of my neck start to relax, with no worries, no pain, almost in a hypnotic state, where all was well. The shoulders and the top of the spine was done next again in a circular motion warm and comforting and could start to feel the tightness and pain released and relaxed. This was done throughout the rest of my injuries. then came the more intense massage to loosen up the bodies, tight spots that would not given. After the massage was completed, a full glass of water needed to be immediately taken so you can flush all the tight tissue-toxins out of your body.. The Last part they had me do was my need where I would lay down quietly for another 15 minutes with my knee raised with a cushion and some ice and tens unit with electrodes to break up the injury’s tightness and I had partial already arthritis in. I would come 3 times a week for 3 months, and it did help my injury’s subsiding. I would suggest anyone that had a bit of trauma go in and get this done as it did aid in healing and helping the body to adapt and get well a lot quicker.

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