How Physical Therapy helped on an Old High School Injury

A couple years ago I was playing school yard football in high school with some friends of mine and suffered, what seemed like, a minor ankle injury. I had pivoted weirdly after planting my foot and something just popped. It hurt but I was used to some kind of ankle pain and didn’t really think of it until after when the adrenaline from playing had worn off and I could actually feel my ankle throbbing in pain. It didn’t go away for several days so I finally asked my mom to take me to the doctor. I went to my pediatrician to get it checked out and to make sure it wasn’t something serious that could affect me down the road. He said it was just a sprain and to keep off of it for a few days.

Being a teenager, I thought I was invincible and got right back to playing two days later. I had thought those two days were enough time for it to heal but I was wrong. A week later I had slipped due to the field being wet from the rain we had received the last couple of days and the same ankle popped but this time I could actually feel the pain radiating from it and it hurt bad. I was helped off the field and on to the sidelines. It looked like I had grown another ankle under my actual ankle. A large knot of muscle had formed right where I felt the pop and I knew this time it was serious and could be really damaging. Another doctor’s visit led to confirmation of my guess. It was a tier three sprain and according to the doctor it would have been better if I had just broken my ankle due to all the ligaments that had torn and the slight fractures in my ankle. I resolved to actually letting it heal this time before I tried to get back on a football field rather than just getting right back to it in a week.

I let it heal and kept it off the floor on crutches for a couple months before actually lacing up my cleats again and tried it. They, both my cleats and ankle, felt stiff from not being used in a couple months. I decided I would need some help getting it back to how it was and went to a physical therapy center. There the staff educated me in how I should exercise my ankle until it was back in shape and able to be used properly. They suggested I come in a couple times a week so that they could evaluate how healed it was. During one visit, they were actually remodeling the center and had someone to come in and replace their air conditioning unit. It had been malfunctioning and they needed a new system to make sure their patients and staff were comfortable in the building. I was only there for a few weeks but they definitely helped although I still feel pain in my ankle whenever I try to run.

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