Knee Physical Therapy

The last year when I was a teenager, I was working for a company that played softball with other companies in the area. I felt infallible, nothing could stop me I was at the top of my game, still doing gymnastics, and pitcher of the softball team!! Woo-hoo was that fun. Little did I know, everything would change. We were playing our last game of the season for first place in our division, and things were going great. (FYI) We did win the championship but it was without me.. Unfortunately the first base was not tied down, and I hyper- extended my knee when hitting the ball and running past first base. Because the base was not tied down it slid out from under me and well that was that. I was totally bummed out, knew it was very serious as the ambulance came, but I knew had to keep my cool, and do the best I can with what I had. I knew it was going to be a long haul, and I actually made the very best of it. Back than they did not have the up to date surgery’s they have today, and had to wait 5 years until they would come out with a better way to perform the surgery. The cut they would have to make in my leg was unacceptable to a teenager having their whole life in front of them. I opted for some physical therapy with Hot and Cold Ice packs and at first, & had to wear a cast up to my thigh. They came out with fiberglass thank goodness, and it wasn’t to heavy to lug around. My real physical therapy wouldn’t come soon enough. But finally after a long 5 years, I was able to get the (ACL) reconstruction is surgery to reconstruct the ligament in the center of your knee, done from a very well respected doctor, that worked on the Yankees and Ranger players! Perfect. And he did do a perfect job. The Physical Therapy was so intense.
At first they had to get me a special bed for home so I could stay upstairs and had to get special accommodations because by this time, I was living by myself. A nurse would come in the morning to help get me out of bed and go to the Bathroom and help with breakfast. The rest of the day I was one my own except for 3 times a week a nurse would come and help me with some intense physical therapy time. Moving my leg. I also rented a CPM machine (Central Passive Motion) that you would put your leg in and it would move up and down and bend your leg. Than you would tweak it a little more so your leg would bend naturally with the gravitational pull. It was painful, so painful that I can still remember the color of the paint on the wall. But I took my time and pretty soon I was in range of a 90 degree angle! Hurray!! I made some great progress, and then once I got better I was able to go to the Physical Therapy center and the one thing I hated there was… ICE BATHS!!! Those things were horrible.
Physical Therapy is what got me and coached me to move along and anything that doesn’t go right, look for a better angle and time heals almost anything!!!

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