The Sod Incident

A cousin of mine had asked me for some help to put some sod down. I agreed and soon after was immediately regretting the decision. I hadn’t realized how large his front yard was and he wanted to put sod down on the entire thing to help make his house look nicer. I was really hoping someone would call and beg for my help elsewhere as the heat was quickly building and only going to keep going. We had started around noon for some ungodly reason and took an hour break around 3:00 P.M. Never had I drank so much water in such short of a time. Apparently, he was hungry and decided to make himself a sandwich. This was a really bad decision for both him and our work day, however, as the knife he was using slipped and he sliced open his finger. Blood poured from his finger and he ran to get his first aid kit but not before he bled onto the carpet. He would be having to call the carpet cleaning company to get the blood to be removed. He wrapped it up and put some ointment on it to stop the bleeding before finishing up his quick lunch.

We were back at work after lunch and his bloody incident. Everything was going fine until around 6:00 when he started to feel uneasy. He took a quick break to get some water and went inside. A minute went by, then two, then three, and then I finally lost count. I went inside to check on him and found him passed out on the kitchen floor. It was at that point I called 911 and asked for an ambulance because I had no idea what was wrong. The ambulance came and I offered to ride with him but they mentioned something about immediate family only. I called his wife who was at work and told her he had collapsed and that I had to call an ambulance. She immediately left work and went to the hospital while I stayed to finish up our last little bit of work before heading there myself.

It took me another 30 minutes to finish up the rest of the sod work before I left for the hospital. When I got there, they had already run some tests on him and put an IV in his arm to get him fluids. His wife and I sat with his still unconscious body in his room as we waited for the test results to come back. By the time they came back, we had fallen asleep due to exhaustion. The doctors woke us up and told us what was wrong. The sod we had been putting down and the chemicals we had been spraying on it to make sure it would stay fresh longer in conjunction with his cut were what caused his collapse. The dirt and chemicals from the sod had entered his wound and had started a severe infection in his hand which was already spreading to his blood stream. The damage to his hand due to the chemicals was great and they were left with two options: immobilize his wrist and hand and place and place a pump to help his heart inside him or amputate his hand. His wife obviously opted for the immobilization option.

He stayed in the hospital for a couple more days as they wanted to make sure he would be alright. They implanted the pump and immobilized his arm. He would be stuck like that for a few months which was still infinitely better than having to amputate his hand and maybe his arm up to his elbow. Once he was finally able to move his arm again he opted to go to physical therapy to make sure he would properly relearn how to use it after being unable to use it for several months.

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