Typically, Physical Therapists will evaluate, examine and treat people who have physical limitations or conditions ranging from back pain, hand injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, sports injuries, birth defects, and car accidents, just to name a few. Physical Therapy provides relief from these and other conditions limiting the person’s ability to live a normal pain free life.

Physical therapists help by improving the persons range of motion and mobility.  Physical therapy is a cost-effective way for people to relieve pain.  Physical therapy often reduced the persons need for prescription pain relief medication.

Most people seek out physical therapists with their doctor’s recommendation.  Doctors recommend physical therapy over medication because prescription pain medication is highly addictive. Most patients are looking for not only pain relief but improved range or motion and mobility, an alternative to invasive surgery and pain relief.

Physical therapists are evidence-based health care professionals who offer cost-effective treatment that helps improve motion and relieve pain. Highly educated, physical therapists graduating today must have a graduate degree – either a master’s or a clinical doctorate from an accredited physical therapy program before taking the national licensure examination that allows them to practice.

Improving Mobility and Motion:

Motion is essential to your patients’ quality of life. Whether it is an everyday task such as emptying the dishwasher, a sports activity like golf, or an essential activity such as performing their job, a physical therapist can help your patient experience improved mobility and function. Physical therapists also help prevent injuries and promote a healthy lifestyle by improving strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination.

Physical Therapy as an Option to Surgery:

When surgery is the best course of treatment for certain diagnoses, physical therapists can often speed recovery time. Physical Therapists usually have the person up and moving the day after surgery and sometimes even the same day. Studies show that the faster physical therapy starts after surgery the better the outcome for the patient.

Pain Management Without Long-Term Use of Pain Medication:

Patients control pain, with the help of a physical therapist instead of taking prescription drugs.  Prescription drugs are not only addictive but expensive.  People that receive Physical therapy often reduce the need for long-term use of medications. People that choose physical therapy often experience greater improvement in function with less pain

Here are 5 ways physical therapy may benefit you:

  1. Eliminate or Reduce Pain – Massage therapy and electrical stimulation can help to relieve pain and restore muscle and joint function.
  2. Mobility Improvement – If you’re having trouble moving, standing or walking, physical therapy can help. strengthening and stretching exercises help can help restore your ability to move.
  3. Stroke Recovery – Loss of function is common after a stroke. To help strengthen the weak parts of the body we recommend Physical Therapy.
  4.  Sports injury – Different sports can increase your risk for different types of injuries like stress fractures or muscle strains. Physical therapists can design a routine of prevention exercised for you to help you avoid injury.
  5. Improve your balance and prevent falls – Physical therapists, can screen you for fall risk. If it is determined that you are high risk, they will show you exercises that can reduce your risk of falling.


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